About Chevra Lacrosse

Chevra Youth Lacrosse was formed to meet the recreational needs of school-aged boys of the New Jersey Yeshiva Day School Community. The CL-18 Program has grown since its inception because of the commitment of forward thinking parents who want to provide their boys with an opportunity to develop both athletic and life skills through learning about lacrosse. Now although lacrosse is not as well known as the more “traditional” sports like football, basketball, and baseball, you can be assured that it also provides a safe, “kosher” athletic outlet with an emphasis on skills development, exercise, participation, team building, and good sportsmanship.

A big focus of our program has always been and will continue to be DERECH ERETZ and of course, having fun! As the CL-18 Program has continued to grow, we’ve been able to bring in high school and college level players to assist in the development of each boy’s skills. (We’d love to have fathers involved as well, whether they have prior lacrosse experience or not).

In CL-18, kids will have fun and learn about lacrosse by participating in:

  • Games and receiving Prizes
  • Agility and Coordination Exercises
  • Beginner Lacrosse Skills

Note to Parents: NO EQUIPMENT NECESSARY. Sticks, helmets, and lacrosse balls will be provided. Make sure your child brings bottled water and wears athletic clothing, sneakers/cleats, and a sweatshirt.